Are you ready for a FUN Summer??
4th grade and up!

(we group the kids according to skill levels and ages)

Please register ASAP! This cooking camp gets full very quickly! No kidding.

The Month of JULY and mid August!!!

This year, Cooking classes will include ingredients for all menus, cooking tools, an apron and chef hat for each Summer culinary student!
We give the students a true culinary school experience.
Menu’s are all new and created to expand the pallet and creativity of your up and coming chefs!

Culinary Camp Only $300 a session

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Dates for each session are Monday thru Thursday:
Class is in session from 9am-1pm

June 30th – July 3rd Register Here
July 7th – 10th Register Here
July 14 – 17th Register Here
July 21st – 24th Register Here
August 11th – 14th Register Here
August 18th – 21st Register Here

**The Outback will be offering extended campsessions as well if you need to have a full day of activities. It will start right after the cooking camp, from Arts and crafts, music and more…..
Full info will be announced on their website.

Please contact Christine (Director of Outback) for any registration questions or website concerns.
Ph: 203-594-3075

**The Kiddie Kitchen is Teaming up with The New Canaan Outback Teen Center once again
and we will be offering a Summer Cooking Camp with all New Menu’s. We will be cooking dishes from around the globe!
So get Ready! We are going to have such a Fantastic Summer Camp!!!!**ImageImageImageImage


Sunday Sushi Superbowl Smackdown Party!!

Had such a blast on Superbowl Sunday Making Sushi!!

Had such a blast on Superbowl Sunday Making Sushi!!

Call The Kitchen After Hours for a Fun Home Cooking Party with Friends! We bring everything needed to have a fun time and eat too!

Sushi rolls can be made with many fillings. We used Sushi grade Tuna, Salmon, Tempura battered Prawns! Cucumbers, Avocado and crab salad! It was sooooooo good. We even fried up some Avocado slices in the Tempura, Can you say DELICIOUS!

We made some Mojito’s (I know, not Japanese, but who cares once you’ve had a few.) We had so much sushi it was ridiculous, but sooo yummy because everyone took home a baggie with sushi, especially those who were sulking over the Broncos! They needed to take some sushi home to make them feel better.

Everyone rolled sushi like pro’s… or almost pro’s. 🙂

So next time you need to have a great time with friends and want to learn something fun too give us a call and let us come and have a blast with you!

Thanks Walden Family for hosting, Freeman Family and Perez Family for attending. And all of you for cooking, learning and being courageous enough to try new things!!!!


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